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WordPress Support

NO MORE WORDPRESS WORRIES! No more troubleshooting frustrating issues, no more reading through endless support forums and no more waiting for incomplete answers from online friends. Need something done TODAY? Our team of friendly WordPress experts have over 15 years of experience managing WordPress websites and will be happy to handle these headaches for you.

There are thousands of people online who know WordPress.

15 Years Experience

lowest prices

hundreds of happy clients





no contracts

Already working with another WordPress company?

Move to us and we’ll deliver better results for 20% LESS
than whatever you’re paying now, no strings.

Why hire SEMCentric for WordPress Support?

We go way beyond website management.

WordPress can do automatic updates.
Plugins can help schedule backups, generate XML sitemaps and handle basic SEO.

WordPress cannot predict software conflicts before automatic updates and it absolutely cannot fix them after they’ve broken your website.

Plugins cannot manage cloud backups or restores, cannot integrate your XML sitemaps within Google Webmaster Tools and it cannot properly optimize your pages to perform well in search engines for the keywords most important to you.

We here at SEMCentric can do all of this for you. We are a full-service online marketing agency staffed with experts in SEO, Pay Per Click, Local Business Marketing, E-commerce, Mobile Search Marketing and more. We know WordPress like the back of our hands and can help you with any WordPress issues you might have or improvements you might have in mind.

We can do what all other WordPress management guys can:
24/7 Security Monitoring
Daily Cloud Backups
WordPress Updates
Coding & design changes
WordPress training

And we can even do what they can’t (and for less than they charge):
Full optimization strategy & implementation
Full SEO strategy development
Advanced keyword research & implementation
Competitor traffic source research
Monthly SEO keyword monitoring & reporting

We go way beyond managing your website. We work with you to grow your traffic and your business.

Most WordPress companies outsource.

They do it because it’s cheaper, easier and is more scalable than hiring professionals to perform the work in-house. This works very well for the WordPress company, not so well for the website owners who aren’t aware their website management is being outsourced to Mumbai or Manila.

To be fair, this can work for some small websites with little online competition. But it’s a real disservice for larger websites or businesses operating in competitive industries, which is why we never ever outsource. All work is performed by SEMCentric staff under the direct supervision of our WordPress director. We personally develop your custom strategy, we implement all necessary changes and we perform all monthly maintenance ourselves.

Our prices are already the lowest around:

$50 for WordPress Management
$100 for Management + SEO

But if you happen to be already working with another company who charges less, we’ll beat it by at least 20%.

Fast support & expert service = Happy People.

The team here at SEMCentric has been around for years and have enjoyed working with hundreds of incredible people on fun and challenging business websites. We’ve successfully managed the WordPress websites and online marketing campaigns for everything from photography to pharmaceuticals. We’ve worked with mobile app developers, tech startups, dating websites, ecommerce websites run on WordPress, personal blogs, financial blogs, gaming companies, carpet cleaners, locksmiths, celebrity news… you name it, we’ve probably worked with it. Many of our clients have been with us for years and view us as their virtual IT department; here to tackle any and all website issues, changes, updates, website expansions and more.

Let us handle your website for awhile, see for yourself why so many other people stick with us for years.

Simple Monthly Pricing:

$50 for WordPress Management
$100 for Management + SEO


Updates – Backups – Monitoring – Security – Coding – Design – SEO – Marketing – Social – Content Writing


If you’re tired of tinkering with WordPress and want to simply publish content and build your business just let us know.
We’ll be happy to jump in and help manage your website so you don’t have to.