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Social media has evolved to play an intricate role in the search performance of companies working in many different verticals. Social can also aid in customer prospecting, customer support and can be powerful for brand building.

The problem with social media is it can also be time-consuming, distracting and innefective if approached incorrectly. We can help you to devise the best possible social media strategy to fit your company, goals and available resources.

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Comprehensive analysis of over 65 individual technical elements of your website that can have a direct impact on your performance in search. We will help you learn what’s broke, what’s not and what could use improvement. And most importantly, we will help you understand why. Every audit report comes complete with a full explanation behind all recommended fixes. We can even work with your team to implement all recommended optimizations.

Technical SEO audits are especially beneficial for larger websites. Generally, the larger the website the more positive gains can be accomplished through a technical audit. Large websites often see dramatic growth simply by fixing technical problems, solving duplicate content issues or by rethinking site structure to prioritize struggling high value pages.

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Mobile SEO has to be approached from two angles to be effective.

Mobile compatibility and usability in browsers
Visibility in mobile search apps (ie Yelp & YP)
The mobile compatibility of websites have become a major ranking factor in every search engine. More people than ever before are searching Google from their mobile devices and because of this Google has started to take mobile usability serious. A website that delivers a poor mobile experience will struggle in search overall which is why we here at SEMCentric focus heavily on mobile throughout every campaign.

Mobile search is shifting from browsers to apps, a trend that is not expected to slow down. For many people, apps are preferred over browsers. Because of this, it’s important for every mobile search campaign to include app visibility as part of the overall strategy.

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Recognizing and following the most direct path to top search rankings within your industry can be a challenge. We can help with this critical stage of your campaign by mapping out the best strategy based on your company, your marketing history, your competition and your available resources. Strategy development requires extensive experience to avoid unecessary trial and error. We have helped many companies over the span of a decade to develop strong time-tested strategies that helped them reach their search marketing goals.

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Search engine penalties and algorithmic filters often result in a sudden drop in organic traffic and are notoriously difficult to detect and recover from. The reason for this is because any number of things can cause a sudden drop in rankings/traffic and there are a number of reasons why a website can be penalized. We do the in-depth research to help you uncover the reason for your loss of traffic, whether caused by a penalty or something else, and will recommend what is required to regain your rankings and your traffic.

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Quality inbound links are the backbone of nearly every SEO campaign. The more high quality links you have the better you will rank. Link quality is what search algorithms are primarily based on. There are several proven methods of acquiring great links and we will work with you on all of them to make sure we reach your search marketing goals. The important thing to note is that all of our link building methods are entirely white hat and will safely help you maintain top rankings long-term, even for highly competitive industries. We have been link building for clients for many years and have never had a single website negatively affected by any Google update. Our methods are both safe and effective.

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Reputation management is a multi-pronged process that can include everything from responding to online critics in a strategic manner to performing aggressive SEO tactics designed to push negative exposure off the first page of branded search result pages. The methods used will depend on your company, your exposure and your own goals.

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This popular service helps website owners rank above all others for their website/brand name. We do this by utilizing very specific methods proven to quickly rank official websites above affiliates, articles, competitors, Youtube, Wikipedia and more. Protect the brand you invested in, stop paying affiliates for sales referred through infringing domains and capture the attention of visitors before your message can be formed elsewhere.

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Our Advanced Backlink Analysis service will give you a clear view of which inbound links are helping you and which are hurting. We do this by researching thousands of your backlinks and checking them against many link metrics that directly measure value. These metrics include everything from where on the page your links are placed to whether any of your backlinks are from sites that have been penalized or are otherwise detrimental to your ranking performance. A comprehensive inbound link analysis is the first step in improving the overall quality of your link profile which can directly affect your performance in search engines. If you would like us to analyze your backlink profile please send us your URL so that we can make sure it qualifies.

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Targeted quality traffic is only as valuable as your ability to convert it into sales, leads or actions. And the only way to know if you’re converting as well as you possibly can is to run simultaneous tests comparing the effectiveness of various page elements. We can help to perform important A/B and multivariate tests to fine-tune your conversions and improve your overall campaign ROI.

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We can help you stay ahead of ranking trends, for all of your keywords, by actively monitoring your rankings across many search engines and by providing detailed monthly reports of your progress, complete with charts that map your performance over time. In addition to having a valuable overview of how all of your keywords are performing, you will also be notified early on of any potential problems with your rankings along with suggestions for immediate fixes to any problems.

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