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RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING. But the only way to guarantee them is to constantly improve the performance of your ads, keywords and landing pages. And the only way to do this effectively is to study the numbers every few days and constantly tweak, test and review. We’re all true analytic geeks here at SEMCentric. We know from experience that the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to test, test, test. It’s impossible to predict what people will respond to, what will make them click your ad over another and what will inspire them to take action on your landing page. Only through relentless testing will you discover your unique formula for scaling conversions. This is what we love to do and what we would be excited to do for you.

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How we do things here at SEMCentric:

1. Experience: We’ve been helping clients with online marketing for over 15 years. This means it’s been well over a decade since we’ve had to work through learning curves or hard lessons. For the past ten years we’ve been able to focus only on fine tuning every strategy down to a science. So guaranteeing results is easy because we know exactly what to do, and what to avoid, to accomplish them for every client.

2. Strategy: Every industry, company, website, message and offer is different and no single strategy could possibly work for all. It’s unfortunately common practice among many PPC management companies to offer templated strategies that can easily be outsourced offshore. We here at SEMCentric develop custom strategies for every single campaign. We take everything into consideration including the industry, competitors, unique campaign goals and available resource budgets. The strategy we employ will be what we know will work best for you, your goals and your monthly spend.

3. Testing: PPC advertising is deceptive in its perceived simplicity. Many businesses believe they can simply type up a couple of ads, select some keywords suggested by Google, paste in their website URL and enter a max monthly spend. Their ad shows up the next day and they let their campaign run on auto pilot. This strategy may work fine if your only goal is branding, but if you’re also looking for max conversions it’s not going to work. The only way to know what works best is to test, test and continue testing. Every test we perform for clients helps push them closer to max conversions. And because we’re so obsessed with testing, reviewing and improving we’re confident in our results guarantee.

4. Client Selection: This method doesn’t always sit well with people who contact us for help, but it’s absolutely vital to guaranteeing results. To be successful for every client, and to maintain our 97% retention rate, we have to be selective with who we work with. We choose to only work with people who are motivated, who accept the small investment in time and resources our strategies may require and who understand the value of constant testing and improvement. This is important to us because we know (from experience) this is the process that works every single time and we can only guarantee results for clients who value it.

We are a team of online marketing professionals who understand how to get traffic, how to pull clicks and how to make those clicks convert. The general concepts behind what we do are freely available on countless websites floating around, the value we bring to the table is our uncanny ability to transform these concepts into profitable strategies that work for every single client. To do this we perform advanced testing methods on everything from your keywords to your ad copy to the smallest of details of your landing pages.

We use multiple premium keyword research tools for every single client. No single keyword source can offer relevancy, volume, commerciality, cost and competition. For this it’s necessary to call on the strengths of each tool, mash them all together into a giant spreadsheet, run filtering scripts based on campaign objectives and then manually finalize the list using good ‘ol human brain power. Once this final list is implemented into a campaign the only way to know for sure which keywords make money and which don’t is to study the numbers and act on what they tell us. This can be a tedious process, but for whatever geeky reason it’s what we love doing.

Writing great ads is both an art and a science. Do do it well you need to strike the perfect balance between information and emotion. You need to show people the keywords they’re interested in, your company name, maybe a price or another piece of important information – but you also need to trigger action by appealing to the motivation behind their search. This can be easy enough to do when writing up a single batch of ads for a campaign, but it becomes surprisingly more challenging to continue writing them based on performance. A particular ad may be performing well, but only through testing can you tweak it until it’s performing great.

Landing Pages
You just paid money for a click – how can you be absolutely certain your landing page is doing everything it can to convert that click? The only way to know for certain is through proper A/B testing. Tweak every element of the page until it’s printing money. There’s two ways to do this, the good way and the better way:

Good way – Design two landing pages, send traffic to both (either from different ads or at different times) and see which converts better.

Better way – Design as many landing pages as you want and use advanced testing software to evenly distribute the same source of traffic to all page variations evenly, over the same period of time. This eliminates all of the variables that can result in misleading results (difference in ads, keywords, day of the week, time of day, etc.)

We choose the better way. The better way costs us more (software, training, more time staring at more numbers) but we feel we make it up in the long-term client relationships this diligence tends to produce.

All PPC management companies basically do the same thing. Some work as consultants, some as agencies, some as outsourcing shops. Some are new, others have been around forever. The only things that clearly define PPC service providers are:

1. Experience
2. Dedication
3. Results
4. Price

Here at SEMCentric we have the experience, we’re compulsively dedicated, we earn results for every client and we’re happy to offer our services for 20% less than what you’re paying now.

We have nothing to hide, in fact we’re proud of the work we do and are happy to show it off. To provide 100% transparency we work from within your own PPC accounts which you maintain full ownership and access over. You can log in at anytime to see your ads, your spend, your conversions, your quality scores and to even raise or lower your monthly spends. All we ask is that you keep us in the loop of any changes to your campaigns or settings. In addition to full account access, we are also happy to explain the thinking behind everything we do and will gladly offer thorough answers to any questions you may have.

We monitor all key metrics important to your campaign goals including ad impressions, clicks, costs, calls, conversions and more. We provide daily reports on your progress through a custom client admin which is accessible from any device at anytime. We are also happy to jump on the phone for monthly strategy calls to discuss progress from the previous month and plans for the coming month.

We offer simple pricing based on a monthly ad budget range, rather than a percentage of total monthly spend. Our clients prefer this because they can expect a set rate at the start of each billing cycle, rather than having to wait for a mystery total at the end.

Rates start at $400 and we can handle all budgets from as low as $500 to over $50k.

Simple fixed rate pricing
Starting at $400


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We’ll manage them all at the same fixed rate, no additional charge.

RISK-FREE If you’re not happy with our results by the end of month one we’ll give you a full refund, no hassles.

No sales pitch, ever.

We’re all marketing geeks here, not salespeople.

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    We walk the talk.

    Adrian did an amazing job on our flagship website. The full site audit gave us a great platform to work from and a clear strategy to follow.

    TDC Venture Group

    I’d highly recommend using Adrian from SEMCentric he did a superb audit for our website and outlined a strategy for us to follow going forward. Adrian was always around to speak to and bounce ideas off as well which is a great resource to have. He definitely goes the extra mile!

    GIL Properties

    I’ve been working online for over 14 years now and I have seen my share of SEO solutions. Adrian and his company have by far provided the best service and above all else the best results! At the end of the day only one thing matters and that is ROI and the SEMCentric team delivers.


    SemCentric was able to earn top rankings for our affiliate websites in only two months.

    Deluxe Productions

    Adrian from SEMcentric was able to rank our largest web property for over 20,000 new keywords in just 4 months.

    TDC Media

    Adrian and his team at SEMCentric have run our SEO department for the past couple of years and in that time have grown our enterprise level media streaming service to rank alongside all of our biggest competitors.

    Wreal Media

    Adrian from SEMCentric has helped me earn #1 Google rankings for all of my websites he has worked on. I would recommend him and everyone at his agency to any brand owner who wants to outrank competitors.

    Altiris Productions

    Adrian from SEMCentric helped take our mobile site from launch to top 10 Google rankings for our brand, and all target keywords, in only a few months.


    Semcentric worked on our website for 4 months and within that time were able to help grow organic Google keyword rankings by 600%.

    SK Intertainment

    Adrian from SEMCentric was able to rank one of our flagship properties for over 13,000 new keywords in only 3 months. It now ranks for more keywords than it ever has.

    Titan Media

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