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SEM Campaigns

Expert enterprise SEO services designed to dramatically increase traffic and branding signals from all search engines for more profitable leads.

Ecommerce SEO

Popular service focused on quickly ramping up traffic to Ecommerce stores and significantly improving conversions and revenue.

Local SEO

We are local SEO marketing professionals who help people nationwide outrank their local competitors in all search engines and on social media.

Link Building

Highest quality link building including content marketing, media citations, industry outreach and custom link acquisition.

Pay Per Click Management

Expert PPC Management Services to create on-demand sales for your business. We specialize in lowering Cost Per Click.

WordPress Management

Specialized service providing expert help managing your WordPress website.

Social Media Marketing

ROI-Focused social media campaigns designed to convert a passive audience into active leads for your business.

Mobile Search

Advanced mobile search marketing campaigns to improve mobile readiness, visibility and performance on mobile devices.

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Why SEMCentric for your Online Marketing?

Put our 15 years experience to work for your business.

SEMCentric is an established, results-focused, online marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ with over 15 years of experience growing businesses. Our marketing strategies have been developed and improved upon over the years and have consistently earned results which we are very proud of. We work with every client to develop custom strategies based on their unique business and work tirelessly until all goals are reached.

Our comprehensive and powerful core online marketing services include local SEO marketing, pay per click management, WordPress management, link building and social media marketing. This blend of marketing services combine to provide short-term ROI, long-term organic growth and the valuable social presence your customers expect.

The results we’ve earned for many businesses over the years, in Phoenix and around the country, is happily credited to our experienced staff of technicians, search engine marketing brains, pay per click geeks and to our dedicated campaign managers. Everything we do here at SEMCentric is a team effort, all working toward the individual goals of every client.

The only thing that matters to us are your goals.

Because of this it has always been our highest priority to do whatever necessary to achieve real and lasting results for each and every business we work with. We put in the hours and work necessary to produce the results and ROI you expect. Every business, website and campaign is different and we approach each accordingly. There is no universal approach to search marketing. Each campaign needs to be planned with the experience and broad insight that we have become known for, here in Phoenix Arizona and nationwide.

How do we get results?

Strategy: Instead of going after the big high traffic keywords first (the same ones everybody goes after), we cast a wide net and create early traffic growth by ranking for many less competitive keywords. This does 3 things for you:

1. Mitigates risk by proving the efficacy of our methods early on
2. Establishes trust from Google which helps to build momentum for the bigger keywords
3. Profits from the smaller keywords can fund the campaign as we go for the big keywords

Analytics: We constantly review all traffic data to see early on what’s catching hold, what isn’t and we focus 100% of our effort on what is.

Client Selection: Not every website has what it takes to go up against other top ranking competitors. We perform free initial reviews of all websites to determine whether or not we can successfully deliver results and will only work on those we can. This unfortunately means we can’t work with everyone, but also assures results for those we can.

We have nothing to hide.

In fact we’re proud of the work we do and are happy to show it off.

To provide 100% transparency we are happy to explain exactly what we plan to do, why we plan to do it and thoroughly answer any questions you have regarding it. This gives you the chance to sign off on everything we do before it can impact your website or company reputation. Your long-term success is our only focus and we believe full transparency of our methods is vital to achieving it.

Want to see how we work firsthand? We’ll be happy to meet with you here in downtown Phoenix, or in your office anywhere in the valley.

Most online marketing companies outsource.

They outsource work because it’s cheaper, easier and is more scalable than hiring professionals to perform the work in-house. This works very well for the SEO companies, not so well for the clients who aren’t aware their campaign is simply on some templated assembly line in Mumbai or Manila…

SEO Assembly Line: Change keywords >>>> Write 200 words for homepage >>>> Submit to 75 directories >>>> Upload 90 second YouTube video >>>> Share on 5 social accounts >>>> Next.

PPC Assembly Line: Change keywords >>>> Adjust keyword modifiers >>>> Create new ad groups >>>> Write 3 ads per group >>>> Adjust bids >>>> Setup monthly reports >>>> Next.

To be fair, this can work for some small websites. But it absolutely does not work for large websites or websites operating in competitive industries, which is why we never ever outsource. All work is performed by SEMCentric staff under the direct supervision of an SEO director. We personally develop your strategy, we work your strategy, we analyze your results, we make necessary adjustments to your strategy and we personally report on the performance of your strategy.

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