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RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING. Here at SEMCentric we have over 15 years of experience managing the local SEO campaigns of businesses in many different industries. We’ve earned first page Google rankings for every client. We’ve also helped every client rank for more diverse longtail keywords to effectively expand their exposure and customer base. In addition to the first page rankings, we’ve been able to help all clients improve conversions to produce a healthy ROI, quickly and consistently. We accomplish this by developing proven strategies that are unique to each and every website to ensure real long-term results. Talk to us today and we will help you outrank your local competitors in all search engines.

There are thousands of local marketing companies out there.










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Using software for your business marketing?

Choose people, not programs.

It’s true that programs (software, platforms, dashboards, SaaS, solutions) can automate some aspects of your marketing, but it takes people with experience and brain power to develop real winning strategies for your unique business.

Software will always have a role in your strategy, but it can never replace the role of people. As powerful as software can be, it cannot replace the relationship building skills necessary to earn powerful links from other similar websites from within your industry, the kind of links Google rewards heavily with more traffic and more business.

Don’t put your business on autopilot: Use your software subscription for core automation tasks and hire the marketing geeks here at SEMCentric to study your industry, your market and your business. We will use what we learn to develop a highly customized strategy that we know will work for you. We will help you use your software for what it’s best at and will obsessively work on everything else until we blow past your goals.

How we do things here at SEMCentric:

We rank local business websites in Google, Yahoo & Bing the same way we rank large corporate websites. The first step will be to perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit to determine everything that will need to be fixed, modified and optimized. We will work to help implement all needed changes so that your website will be perfectly tuned to perform well in search engines. This, however, is only the first step. To really compete with other local businesses you will need strong inbound links earned through persistent online marketing (which happens to be what we’re really good at).

1. Strong Links – We start by analyzing all websites that rank on the first page of Google for the keywords you want to rank for. We dissect the methods they used to earn top rankings and we research the source of all of their best inbound links. High quality, relevant, inbound links are vital for any website to rank well and we spend the majority of our initial efforts discovering all viable competitor link sources. As soon as we know all of the link sources other businesses in your city use to earn top rankings we work to get our clients as many of the same links as possible. This will quickly put you on the map for your target keywords and will align your website with your competitors, accelerating your growth.

2. Stronger Links – Strong links will push you past 95% of all other local businesses. But strong links alone won’t be enough to break into the top 3 of Google, to do that you will need stronger links (enough to push another top ranking site out). To get these stronger links we work to find relevant websites which have strong SEO value and we manually contact each one to negotiate a link deal. Sometimes we’ll simply request your link be added to a resource page, sometimes you’ll need to publish some content that will provide value to the source website and sometimes we’ll have to do some free SEO work for the source website in exchange for your link. We will do anything necessary to earn the links you need.

3. Content Marketing – Our team of professional writers will write quality informational articles on topics related to your business. Each article will be optimized to perform well in search engines and will be written from a third-party perspective. This perspective will allow us to link to your pages (along with other authoritative non-competing pages) to create real value for readers, which will in turn allow us to get these articles published on other websites. These articles will become some of your most valuable long-term link sources.

4. Private Networks – If we find that your main website is not able to rank for all target keywords or locations we can help you build others that can. These additional websites will work to provide valuable information to people interested in your industry and will also work to generate leads for your business. The key to making this work is quality content and effective online marketing (both of which we will handle for you).

5. PR Campaigns – The final step of your local marketing campaign will be working with online web journalists to get your website linked to from within content published on large media outlets. These contextual citations are hard to get, but once you have them they will be your strongest links by far.

Most SEO companies ask for 6 months to show results (many require contracts to require it).

We have developed a reliable strategy which allows us to show results in only 3.

Strategy: Instead of going after the big high traffic keywords first (the same ones every other business in your city goes after), we cast a wide net and create early traffic growth by ranking for many less competitive keywords. This does 3 things for you:

1. Mitigates risk by proving the efficacy of our methods early on
2. Establishes trust from Google which helps to build momentum for the bigger keywords
3. Profits from the smaller keywords can fund the campaign as we go for the big keywords

Analytics: We constantly review all traffic data to see early on what’s catching hold, what isn’t and we focus 100% of our effort on what is.

Client Selection: Not every website has what it takes to go up against other top ranking local businesses, especially in larger cities. We perform free initial reviews of all websites to determine whether or not we can successfully deliver results and will only work on those we can. This unfortunately means we can’t work with everyone, but also assures results for those we can.

Most SEO companies outsource.

They do it because it’s cheaper, easier and is more scalable than hiring professionals to perform the work in-house. This works very well for the SEO companies, not so well for the clients who aren’t aware their campaign is simply on some templated assembly line in Mumbai or Manila.

Typical local SEO assembly line: Change keywords >>>> Write 200 words for homepage >>>> Submit to 75 directories >>>> Upload 90 second YouTube video >>>> Share on 5 social accounts >>>> Next.

To be fair, this can work for some websites in smaller cities. But it absolutely does not work for large websites or businesses operating in big competitive cities, which is why we never ever outsource. All work is performed by SEMCentric staff under the direct supervision of an SEO director. We personally develop your strategy, we work your strategy, we analyze your results, we make necessary adjustments to your strategy and we personally report on the performance of your strategy.

We have nothing to hide.

In fact we’re proud of the work we do and are happy to show it off. To provide 100% transparency we are happy to explain exactly what we plan to do, why we plan to do it and thoroughly answer any questions you have regarding it. This gives you the chance to sign off on everything we do before it can impact your website or company reputation. Your long-term success is our only focus and we believe full transparency of our methods is vital to achieving it.

We monitor all key metrics important to your campaign goals including keyword rankings, traffic, visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rate and more. We provide daily reports on your progress through a custom client admin which is accessible from any device at anytime. We are also happy to jump on the phone for monthly strategy calls to discuss progress from the previous month and plans for the coming month.

Campaigns Starting at $500


Technical Audits – Optimization – Link Building – Content Marketing – Social Campaigns.

We do everything necessary to earn results, no additional charges.

No sales pitch, ever.

We’re all marketing geeks here, not salespeople.

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    We only work with clients who we are 100% confident we can earn results for.

    We walk the talk.

    Adrian did an amazing job on our flagship website. The full site audit gave us a great platform to work from and a clear strategy to follow.

    TDC Venture Group

    I’d highly recommend using Adrian from SEMCentric he did a superb audit for our website and outlined a strategy for us to follow going forward. Adrian was always around to speak to and bounce ideas off as well which is a great resource to have. He definitely goes the extra mile!

    GIL Properties

    I’ve been working online for over 14 years now and I have seen my share of SEO solutions. Adrian and his company have by far provided the best service and above all else the best results! At the end of the day only one thing matters and that is ROI and the SEMCentric team delivers.


    SemCentric was able to earn top rankings for our affiliate websites in only two months.

    Deluxe Productions

    Adrian from SEMcentric was able to rank our largest web property for over 20,000 new keywords in just 4 months.

    TDC Media

    Adrian and his team at SEMCentric have run our SEO department for the past couple of years and in that time have grown our enterprise level media streaming service to rank alongside all of our biggest competitors.

    Wreal Media

    Adrian from SEMCentric has helped me earn #1 Google rankings for all of my websites he has worked on. I would recommend him and everyone at his agency to any brand owner who wants to outrank competitors.

    Altiris Productions

    Adrian from SEMCentric helped take our mobile site from launch to top 10 Google rankings for our brand, and all target keywords, in only a few months.


    Semcentric worked on our website for 4 months and within that time were able to help grow organic Google keyword rankings by 600%.

    SK Intertainment

    Adrian from SEMCentric was able to rank one of our flagship properties for over 13,000 new keywords in only 3 months. It now ranks for more keywords than it ever has.

    Titan Media

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