Online Marketing Careers

SEMCentric is a team of experienced and highly motivated online marketing professionals who work tirelessly to create real value for our clients. Our culture is based on work efficiency and effectiveness. Adherence to client goals is paramount and all energy throughout every day is highly focused to meet and exceed those goals.┬áSome companies within our industry compete for staff by offering pool tables, video games and napping pods. We’re all for having fun, just not on our clients time. We’re known for producing results because we prioritize results over everything else.

In return for your dedication to our results-oriented culture we will offer you what most online marketing companies won’t:

  • Real profit sharing
    As we grow you grow, even if your workload doesn’t.
  • Freedom to work from home
    You can work with us here in Phoenix or you can work from home in Anytown, USA. We use robust project management tools and video conferencing to bring our team together every single day.
  • Flexible hours
    Our clients expect results. How long it takes you to produce those results is up to you. If you can adopt our culture of work efficiency you might be able to assure results from 5-6 hour work days.

Our motivated team prefers these benefits because they directly improve quality of life.

If you are experienced, motivated and fueled by challenge and growth we would love to talk to you. We’re currently hiring for the following positions:

– SEO Specialist
– PPC Account Analyst
– Content Marketing Director
– Outbound Sales Director
– Client Care Manager

If you’re interested in applying please contact careers(@)